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Welcome to 8 Ball Pool game for Android Mobile. In this game, you will enjoy other online players around the world. Player pick up a cue and hit the pool clubs to challenge the best players in exciting matches. At now, this game is over 500,000,000+ downloads and installs on Google Play. The number is very huge. Don’t wait, let’s enjoy this game now. APKMod1.com trust the game will you don’t regret. Let’s download and play now. Don’t forget to enjoy this game with Mod Long Lines on APKMod1.com

About this game

In 8 Ball Pool, you will be playing as a novice pool player in his journey to become a world-class player. Start by picking up prizes and reputations from small pool clubs around you. Slowly and steadily, more and more will hear about you. After that, you can go and compete with the big sharks in the pooling world. Compete with them in the most popular billiard tournaments and pool clubs in the world.

In additions, the game also features exciting online gameplay, in which you can challenge your friends as well as other online players in epic pool matchups. Explore a wide variety of different gameplay in 8 Ball Pool as you join the world best billiards players in epic online battles.

How to play

To start with, players in 8 Ball Pool will be introduced to a relatively simple and intuitive control system. You’ll have a power gauge to measure the powers of your hits as well as the amount of forces to put in. And, you’ll also get a dotted guideline to help you hit the balls into the right directions. This allows beginners to quickly get used to the controls as they’re first introduced to this game.

However, keep in mind that the controls won’t stay that easy for too long. As you progress further into the game and get to the higher levels, each and every of your hit must be calculated and consider carefully since you won’t have the guidelines to help you. This adds some challenges to the gameplay and makes 8 Ball Pool more enjoyable to play.

Collect and upgrade your cue

And to make the pool game more interesting, players will have their chances to access the varied cue collections. Select different pools with different stats, each has its own uses in certain cases. By earning your rewards, you’ll have the resources to perform multiple upgrades on their cues to enhance their capabilities. Or collect the most desirable cues with top-notch stats. Depending on your preferences, the cues will have 4 different stats that are matter, Force, Aim, Spin, and Time. Pick the right ones as you head into your next match.

Compete with online players – Level up

8 Ball Pool’s level system means you’re always facing a challenge. Play matches to increase your ranking and get access to more exclusive match locations, where you play against only the best Pool players.As you reach a certain level, you’ll unlock hidden locations where you can meet the world-class players.

Keep safe

It would be devastating if you have to replay the game when you happen to lost your save files. That being said, you can prevent this by logging in your Google or Facebook Account and have the saves backed up online. Hence, the next time you uninstall the game or reset your phone, your data will still be safe online.

Free to play

Enjoy the free gameplay in 8 Ball Pool as you’re allowed to engage in all the in-game content. Explore the world of 8 Ball Pool whenever you want, where you want, and at a minimal cost. Don’t forget to enjoy this game with Mod Long Lines on APKMod1.com

Whats new?

Clubs just got better! New improved Club suggestions - find the right crowd for you!Check out new, better gifts to send to your club friends!Express yourself in the match with Emojis! Say hi, or throw your opponent off their game with an all new FREE set of Emojis!Bug fixing and general improvements

Download Free 8 Ball Pool [4.6.2] APK (MOD Long Lines) free for Android

Version 4.6.2

8-Ball-Pool-v4.6.2-apkmod1.com.apk (1196 downloads)

Version 4.6.1

8-ball-pool-mod_4.6.1-apkmod1.com.apk (2196 downloads)

Version 4.6.0

8-Ball-Pool-v4.6.0-MOD-apkmod1.com.apk (70 downloads)

Version 4.5.2

8_Ball_Pool_v4.5.2_MOD_apkmod1.com.apk (148 downloads)

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