CatFish v1.0.39 + МOD (Free Shopping) download free

CatFish is a cute game with cute characters, an interesting gameplay and unpredictable development of events. Gamers will take under their care first a seal and then his companions. The tails decided to spend their free time with profit and went fishing. Which is implemented here, as a complex mini-game. It is necessary to perform all the actions accurately in order to get the prey and not to wet a fur coat.There are tons of different fish to collect! But keep a keen eye out because some of them only appear in certain types of weather, so it might be a good idea to keep track of the weather report, that way you can choose the right kind of bait to lure in the fish you need to complete the collection.

Download CatFish v1.0.39 + МOD (Free Shopping) Android free

catfish-v1-0-39-mod.apk (29.32 MB) (13 downloads)

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