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TheoTown is a Simulation game. This game created by blueflower. It requires Android 4.4 and up. At now, TheoTown game has many multiplayer on around the world. Let’s join this game now. Don’t forget to download APK MOD free on and enjoy TheoTown game.

TheoTown [1.9.37a] APK Mod (Infinite Diamond) free for Android 2

TheoTown is a city building simulation game in which you can build and manage your own simulated city or city state. Take on the role of a city builder and manage multiple cities! Create a town and build it up to an enormous metropolis.
Be the mayor of each city that can establish amazing skylines and structures, all of which simulate various statistics. Establish great and complex transportation networks. Choose how your citizens will move around! Train stations, airports✈, bus depots. Manage and customize your transportation vehicles! Pick your aircraft livery , establish your bus routes, build your rail network! Tackle emergency events, such as natural disasters, disease, crime, and fire. Erect world wonders like Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty and many more! Feel like something is missing? Add it, with user made plugins! You can even stop by our Discord server (Link Below) to discuss various suggestions and topics on TheoTown game.

TheoTown [1.9.37a] APK Mod (Infinite Diamond) free for Android 3

TheoTown Features

★ Grow your city to unlock contents

★ Look at the detailed city simulation

★ Wait for building construction sites to complete buildings

★ Connect your cities to other cities in the region

★ Build airports and manage airplanes✈

★ Construct railway networks

★ Build subways and trams

★ Build military facilities

★ Collect taxes to finance your beautiful cities

★ Build cities similar to New York, Tokyo, San Francisco and more

★ Construct sights like Big Ben, Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty

★ Build amazing skyline cities in this city building game

★ Build famous skyscrapers like the One World Trade Center or the Petronas Towers

★ Construct broad highways

★ Build harbors and ships

★ Construct different soccer stadiums

★ Build your own leisure park with different attractions

★ Build different sources of electrical power like power plants, solar power plants and fusion plants

★ Build police stations to increase the safety of your citizens

★ Build fire departments to get fires under control

TheoTown [1.9.37a] APK Mod (Infinite Diamond) free for Android 4
★ Build urban or rural areas

★ Become a tycoon with amazing megacities

★ Realistic traffic simulation; solve traffic issues

★ Control game speed

★ Build a megalopolis with hundreds of thousands of inhabitants😊🙃

★ Build parks and schools to improve living standard of your inhabitants

★ Control operational cars to extinguish fires, solves crimes and prevent epidemics

★ Free mode for experiments without money

★ Share screenshots of your city within the game

★ Built-in Plugin Store to expand your game’s content with hundreds of plugins

★ No internet connection needed – playing offline is possible

★ No Pay-to-Win: Additional, purchasable items aren’t necessary to play the game

What’s new

🌟Add tree planter tool
🌟Add undo function
🌟Add more lights provided by ian and Pluch
🌟Add tree selection for ranger station
🌟Update translations
🌟Various optimizations
🌟Various bug fixes

This update features also various new functionality for plugin creators. Especially in regard to UI, generic draft generation, more custom car flags, car spawners in upgrades and many more.

Whats new?

🌟Add light definitions by ian` 🌟Add region generation for free 🌟Make online region plot acquisition region dependent 🌟Update translations 🌟Fix rocket silo 🌟Fix spawning trees on water 🌟Fix potential toolbar input issues 🌟Fix trains 🌟Fix last city was loaded after region generation 🌟Fix some overlapping UI issues 🌟Fix critical storage access permission issue on Android 10+📜You can find the full changelog here:

Download Free TheoTown [1.9.37a] APK Mod (Infinite Diamond) free for Android

Version 1.9.37a (315 downloads)

Version 1.9.21a (391 downloads)

Version 1.9.17a (57 downloads)

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